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General Guideline

Everything within the type of commission you want is negotiable. If there's anything in this guideline that you find doesn't exactly fit your need, feel free to send me a message or an email and we can discuss it.


1) "I want to commission an icon but it's not in the list"
2) "I want to commission a character that's only partially Mecha but it says you don't draw mecha"

Process & Payment

  1. Message or email me your commission request, state which type of commission you want (Sketch/Lineart/Etc), character(s) that you want. Provide me with any additional details such as picture references (If it's an OC) or any other particular request if it applies to you.
  2. You will receive a response on whether I'll accept or decline your commission. If I accept the commission, I'll state how much the commission is going to be. If you're unhappy with the price, we can discuss.
  3. If you accept the commission, please state your email so I can send you an invoice that is payable via Paypal.
  4. Once the payment is transferred, I'll start your commission. Progress of the commission will be sent to you; please quickly notify me if you want any changes be made.
  5. After you approve of the final product, you'll receive it in full resolution .PNG file.

Terms & Conditions/FAQ

  1. The commission will take approximately a week. If for reasons it will get delayed, I'll notify you
  2. You can post the art anywhere but cannot claim credit for the creation and credit must be given to the artist instead. (Do tell me if you decide to post it anywhere so I can reblog/share/retweet from you ^^)
  3. You may print the art but only for personal use and in under no circumstances may you mass produce print the art for profit.
  4. The artist has the right to decline any commission (generally if I can detect fetish/kinks in it. Ya darn right I'm kinkshaming you :P)
  5. The artist retains all rights to the creation of the artwork
  6. If payments has been made but I have to cancel the commission for any reason, you'll be fully refunded.

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